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Loma House Vegetarian Express is a family owned restaurant that opened in 2010. We seek to bring the finest in vegetarian cuisine to Edmonton. View our delicious menu here.


All “meat” is a meat substitute made with vegetarian-friendly, all-natural ingredients.

Please inquire for vegan-friendly options. 


Appetizers and mains | Combos and Specials


Vegan Chocolate Pudding — $3.50

Rainbow Sorbet — $3.50

Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream — $4.00

Exotic Ice Cream— $4.00

Flavours include green tea, mango, taro, or black sesame.

Panna Cotta — $4.50

Vegan friendly. A velvety blend of coconut milk, sugar and lemon zest that has been chilled. Drizzled with raspberry sauce.

Churros — $6.50 / 6 Pieces

Vegan friendly. Light, airy dough fried until golden brown and tossed with cinammon sugar. Served with chocolate dipping sauce

Snow Shaved Ice — $7.00

Light as snow, shaved to order, cold as ice. Like a cross between ice cream and a snow cone. Available in strawberry and pineapple flavours. Served with fresh fruit. Contains dairy.

Strawberry snow shaved ice from Loma House, a vegetarian restaurant in south Edmonton.


Smoothie — $5.50

Tropical Delight (mango, pineapple and papaya) or Berry Melody (strawberry, blueberry and raspberry).

Bubble Tea — $5.00

Flavours include mango, banana, coconut, taro, strawberry.

Soy Milk — $3.50

Chocolate or original.

Iced Lemon Jasmine Green Tea — $4.50

Coffee — $3.00

Pop (can) — $2.50


Flowering Tea — $4.00

Oolong Green Tea — $4.00

Japanese Rice Green Tea — $4.00

Organic White Peony — $4.00

Made with organic white tea leaves, a mild flavored tea with a savory finish.

Jasmine Green Tea — $4.00

Lychee Black Tea — $4.00

A pleasantly sweet and fruity aroma, this tea creates a red-brown brew with a light honey taste.

Osmanthus FragransFlowers — $4.00

These flowers provide a tender, fragrant aroma and when steeped, create a mild and elegant flavor.

Hibiscus — $4.00

Also known as roselle flowers, the hibiscus is grown and dried as a whole flower. This tea is slightly sweet and slightly sour.


Great Burdock — $4.00

Made from burdock, this tea is considered a blood purifier.

Oriental Beauty — $4.00

Or Bai Hao Oolong tea. Organically grown, this tea has a mix of white, green, red, yellow and brown color with a fruity and honey aroma.

Organic Ginger — $4.00

A great combination of ginger and green tea, which can provide health benefits such as increasing antioxidant capacity.

Organic Lavender — $4.00

A fragrant tea, the scent of lavender is often used to soothe the mind and body.

High Mountain Oolong — $4.00

A sweeter variety of tea which is traditionally processed by Taiwan tea growers from Ali Shan.

Pure Lotus Leaf — $4.00

Made from lotus leaves grown in Dongting lake in China, this tea is sweet, fresh and delicate.

Prices subject to change.


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Appetizers and mains | Combos and Specials