Who We Are

Loma House Vegetarian Restaurant Interior

Loma House Vegetarian Express Restaurant, family owned and opened in 2010, seeks to bring the finest in vegetarian cuisine to Edmonton. To that end, the restaurant has been selling their vegetarian, specially created pre-packaged frozen meals since 2008. Loma House has 7 very successful sister restaurants located in Mississauga, London, and we are pleased to be able to offer Edmontonians new flavors in vegetarian cuisine.

What we offer is a fresh variety of vegetarian dining using our unique brand of meat substitutes. Our approach to vegetarian food came about as a result of the owners’ desire to find more filling and tastier vegetarian cuisine. Finding that most restaurants had bland vegetarian dishes with a limited selection, the owners decided to use inspiration from Chinese-style dishes (like sweet and sour pork and kung po chicken) and techniques, to create dishes by combining traditional Chinese flavors with unique soy-based “meats” into fresh, delicious and, most of all, filling meals.

Because Edmonton had only a handful of 100% vegetarian restaurants, the owners decided to open Loma House and try to shift people towards vegetarian cuisine. What Loma House strives to offer is affordable, wholesome and hearty vegetarian food to show everyone just how easy and exciting it is to maintain a vegetarian diet.


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