Loma House Vegetarian Express Restaurant’s meat substitutes – all of the “meat” used in our dishes – are products derived from soy beans. The texture is created from the use of soy protein, commonly referred to as textured vegetable protein or TVP.

Every “meat” product we have to offer on our menu is made without the use of chemicals and preservatives. We only use fresh, natural ingredients and spices to deliver delicious vegetarian food.

Because we do not use MSG in any of our dishes, our meals are prepared using natural mushroom seasoning. This special mushroom product allows us to cut back on the amount of salt usually used for seasoning as well, letting us deliver a healthier and more wholesome meal.

While all of our frozen products are vegetarian-friendly, not all of them are vegan-friendly. Please take care in reading the ingredients list or ask us about what’s in the product.


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